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AtyaasaaOnline is a borderless knowledge initiative of accelerating the development of 21st-century leadership behavioural competencies. Engage in this tech-enabled ubiquitous virtual learning portal to maximize learning retention through the power of content and the convenience of self-paced learning. Learn anytime-anywhere is the essence of AtyaasaaOnline. An Industry 4.0 ready Tech-Education initiative for corporates, academicians, professionals, and young leaders

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AtyaasaaOnline - An integration of the best in class learning technologies with the power of content

AtyaasaaOnline is a Tech-Education brand of Atyaasaa Global Alliances LLP India. It is a self-paced managerial and leadership competency development integrated virtual learning portal.

AtyaasaaOnline is backed by more than twenty years of quality hands on global experience in Corporate Coaching and Training with top notch Global Enterprises. You will maximize learning retention, optimize productivity and minimize the cost of learning.

AtyaasaaOnline is a borderless initiative for taking Atyaasaa's body of knowledge rapidly across Continents. This initiative will continuously add various learning titles and services of relevance to the digitally dynamic workplaces.

These learning titles and services are developed through Atyaasaa’s intensive research and delivery mechanism and thus will resonate with every future oriented aspiring corporate professional and enterprise.

Welcome to the virtual world of ubiquitous engagement of learning anywhere, anytime & on any device. AtyaasaaOnline is a Private Learning on Cloud (PLC) framework that converts dead time to productive learning time and is developed for Individuals, Corporates and Academicians.


AtyaasaaOnline is a m-commerce & e-commerce enabled portal. Make secure digital financial transactions in International currencies through credit & debit cards and bank transfers

Omega AtyaasaaOnline Leadership Development Practice

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Maestro AtyaasaaOnline Coaching Practice

Invest in our ROI driven behavioural modification process

AtyaasaaOnline offers virtual Coaching for Individuals as well as Corporate engagements. Behavioural Coaching is all about ensuring leaders shift their orbits of performance through behavioral competencies so relevant for the VUCA-World of the 21st Century

Discover our Coaching models Helios, Metis, Promethius & Athena. You can take it up on your own or run an enterprise-wide intervention

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Alchemy AtyaasaaOnline Psychometric Assessments

Empower yourself through self-awareness

AtyaasaaOnline provides customized behavioural assessment tools that reveal nature & behavioural traits, which enables an individual to gain an insight over his strengths, limitations and augment their self awareness. This also would incorporate ways to enhance performance and become aware of work style. This Psychometric Inventory becomes a part of online Coaching and Enterprise Interventions.

We will also be happy to do quick leadership debriefs on the psychometric inventory of your choice to help leaders become aware of their innate strengths and areas of behavioral modifications.

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AtyaasaaOnline eMDC- Virtual Assessment & Development Centre

eMDC Customized Intervention

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PoSH Tech-Education Solutions

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Revolutionizing Behavioral Tech-Education

Experience enhanced learning engagement & retention through ubiquitous technology

AtyaasaaOnline Brand Experience

AtyaasaaOnline is on a continual journey of being a game changer in the Universe of digital learning. Team Atyaasaa stands by you to help your digital engagement be an integral strategy of learning and development. To commence the AtyaaasaaOnline brand experience feel free to ask for evaluation links. We will be happy to help you create a culture of Edu-Tech.

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An expansive learning space for self-development journey

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Our Free Virtual Coaching Site

Thank you for your interest in AtyaasaaOnline. We are glad to see you visit our Learning Portal. As a token of gratitude we wish to gift you with a perpetually free Virtual Coaching Portal created by AtyaasaaOnline Author & Coach Niket Karajagi. You will find a host of learning materials like PodCasts, Blogs, Videos, Digital-Books, Digital-Manuals. This site gets updated regularly and it is our endeavour to ensure that the community learns and Nations grow. Welcome to and we hope you will enjoy the learning insights. Please stay connected.


Our data compliance ensures that all sensitive data is organized and managed in such a way as to enable Atyaasaa to meet enterprise business rules along with legal and governmental regulations. Personal and private data is not used or shared for commercial purposes except AtyaasaaOnline official use. We respect and use data responsibly. We are GDPR compliant