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His idea of students corner


AtyaasaaOnline Student Scholarship Programme

Students are the Nations future assets

AtyaasaaOnline has this special initiative to empower student community with latest in leadership domain

We believe students build the Nations future and AtyaasaaOnline must play a role in it

AtyaasaaOnline being boundryless we respect talent mobility amongst geographies

Scholarships are for all

If you love to learn we believe you are a scholar

We also believe merit must be acknowledged

So read on

A simple email application process

  1. If you are a merit holder with grades above 80th percentile we honour you with 100% scholarship. Just email us your grade proof
  2. Other single aspirants not to worry just pay administration fees of INR 2500/- or equivalent in USD or Euro. That's it
  3. If you are collective learners club with 25 plus college mates send us INR 1000/- per person as a group in consolidated singe payment as administration charge
  4. Remember to mention your email id explicitly and attached payment receipt scan, with college identity card digital photo as a compliance requirement. We don't need any other information
  5. You get access to all courses for a year from commencement of scholarship
  6. Scholarships are renewable as long as you are student with no age barrier

AtyaasaaOnline respects your aspirations

We know when you take these scholarships you have the passion to learn & lead

Soft-skills are essential in professional life. We will support your scholarship programme for one year

Learn as much as you can with no limit access to all AtyaasaaOnline published e-learning programmes

And your journey still continues with us

The eternal journey of knowledge

Our passion is to share wisdom to help people win

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Complete the course and share your certificates for career progress. Sounds good right?

Students Certificate of Completion

Online Campus Engagement Programme

AtyaasaaOnline leadership podasts

Download PodCast for thought leadership on your smart devices for easy learning @

Listen on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and so many more market leading podcasters

It is all for free

We do free webinars for students

Just write to us and authors will do webinars for you

We discuss young leader challenges and insights

Or pick up a topic of learning area from AtyaasaaOnline and authors will engage

Digital Entrepreneurship Club

Do you have an Entrepreneurship Development Cell and seek Mentoring? You are at the right place

We have all that it takes to get start-ups going because we have created three successful ventures ourselves

To top it up the author Niket Karajagi is a WhartonOnline alumni where he did his Certification in Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is in our DNA