Bringing passions and ideas to reality is Entrepreneurship. It also about monetizing the creativity and innovations to the maximum. Athena is the Alpha and the Omega of Entrepreneurship.

Coaching is all about behavioural modifications. Entrepreneurship requires specific behaviours as we live in a world of cause and effect. The results are to a large extent the outcomes of our behaviours.

An Entrepreneur is a person whose idea improves an important aspect of quality of life through creative contribution. However the idea must see the light of the day.

Passion is critical to the facet of entrepreneurship but not the only factor. Behaviours congruent to the passion are the key to Entrepreneur success.

Entrepreneurship behaviours have to be nurtured through practice. Also an entrepreneur needs to understand the aspect of how a creative idea manifests itself and then takes form of a critical team and then an enterprise. This journey needs inputs at key stages.

One has to effectively manage the "S" curve of the organization life cycle to emerge as a successful entrepreneur.

Athena focuses on creation and nurturing of Entrepreneurship essence. If you wish to get critical inputs to create a successful organization this Coaching process is for you.

Athena becomes all the more relevant as it focuses on the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous World which is the reality of the day. A topic that Niket Karajagi is most passionately researching on; the VUCA-World.

Athena is the Alpha and the Omega of nurturing Entrepreneur mindset and behaviours.

Niket Karajagi

Niket Karajagi

Business Coach, Leadership Facilitator & Tech-Educator.

B.E. Mechanical, MBA International Business, ICF Accredited,Certified in Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, MBTI, FIRO-B, DISC, Saville, Global Leader of Future and Analytics.

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Athena : Nurturing Entrepreneurship Wisdom

A Coaching Process for Entrepreneurial Success.

Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey, however a lot many drop off this adventure. It requires conviction, passion and perseverance to traverse this road less traveled.

Athena is a process of manifestation of entrepreneurial seed into a monetised idea. It recognizes Entrepreneurship is all about converting ones passion into a sense of purpose that contributes to the society at large. It is all about bring an innovative idea into real world and monetizing it.

Athena looks at what it takes in you to be an Entrepreneur that can create a born global enterprise in the Borderless World that we live in.

It starts with a systematic analyis through validated psychometric tools and then the imbibing of behaviours that creates a true entrepreneurial mindset and habits.

Wharton Online
Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship.

Niket completed his certification in Entrepreneurship with a Capstone Project AtyaasaaOnline A Behavioural MOOC.

Niket has a coveted International Coach Federation accreditation.

The Coaching Process Athena flows the ethics of ICF which is fundamental to every Coaching intervention.

Niket Karajagi is a proponent of the concept of Business Excellence.

Niket emphasizes the concept of People, Planet and Profit as the key facets of Business Sustainability.

The Athena Coaching Eco-System

Niket Karajagi
Perpetual access to Niket Karajagi's body of work which gets continually updated.

To help succeed in the VUCA Borderless World Athena comes bundled with a 100% Online Course "Global Leaders of Tomorrow."

Keep engaged with the Coaching process through easy learning the PodCasting way. Podcasts are available on most popular Portals and smartphone apps which get updated with new research regularly.


Athena is a Self-Actualization Coaching process which focusses on Authentic Leadership.

Watch Authentic Leadership TEDx Talk of Niket Karajagi.

Authentic Leadership is key to 21st Century success.

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Coaching is a process that needs superior commitment and engagement. Entrepreneurship is a journey of risk and experimentation. Please be clear that you enter a Coaching process only after a conscious decision. Thus a policy there are no refunds.

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